Cartier’s Icons: The Most Important Watches Of The Maison

Cartier is, without a doubt, a watchmaking icon. This is a supremacy not only “subjective” but also supported by purely practical factors. For example, again this year it has overwhelmingly taken the second place for sales in the year 2022 according to Morgan Stanley’s Swiss watch industry report. I was recently asked which, for me, […]

The Cartier Privé Tank Normale – Watches & Wonders 2023

Watches & Wonders 2023 comes to life with Cartier’s never-before-seen creations, from the Santos collection to Fine Jewellery, from the Tank to the Collection Privé. In this article we go through the latter, with new versions of the Tank Normal. Le rarità del passato nella Collection Privé  There are brands that must rely on one […]

Watches And Sports: A Winning Pairing Or An Antiquated One?

Sports wristwatches are probably the most successful category of timepieces in recent years, but their history is extremely more articulated than what is understood by looking at the more recent past. In fact, wristwatches and sports are a pairing with ancient roots, and we need to go deeper in order to better understand it. What […]

Cartier Redesigns The Tank Française: The New Models Of 2023

Born in 1996, the Cartier Tank Française has become an icon in its own way, although many other models of the brand are already well known. Its popularity is also the result of the prominent personalities who have worn it, from Lady Diana to Michelle Obama. Today the Maison has redesigned the Tank Française, making […]

The New Cartier Pebble: The Unexpected Return For Its 50th Anniversary

Cartier debuts with a new Cartier Pebble limited edition. 50 years after the presentation of this particular watch, the Maison has decided to re-propose an exceptional series of only 150 pieces. 1972: The origins The 70s were fundamental for the development of the watchmaking we see today, precisely 1972 is the year of the creation […]

The New Cartier Masse Mystérieuse: When Magic Has No Trick

Among the novelties presented at Watches & Wonders of this 2022, one watch in particular aroused the heart and interest of us fans. In addition to the new Tanks and the new Pashas, which confirm the high class of the maison, this year Cartier has decided to impress us with a new puzzle. A truly […]

The New Tank de Cartier – Watches & Wonders 2022

Cartier announced, during Watches & Wonders 2022, several new versions of the most iconic model of the Parisian brand: the Cartier Tank. Together with the Pasha de Cartier, the Tank also makes its appearance at the W&W in Geneva this 2022. For this historic watch, Cartier has paid particular attention to dials and design, let’s […]

The Latest Pasha de Cartier – Watches & Wonders 2022

The long-awaited moment has come. Watches & Wonders kept us in suspense for no short time, but the time is finally right to admire the new releases of the maison! Among the various watchmaking giants who presented their novelties, Cartier also delights us with several new releases, one of which is the reinterpretation in various […]

Cartier’s New Releases – Watches & Wonders 2021

On day two of Watches & Wonders 2021, Cartier announced a plethora of releases: there’s truly something for everyone this year. In this article, we will briefly discuss all of the maison’s releases. Don’t worry, though: more in-depth articles will be published at a later date. Let’s begin! Cartier 2021: Pasha de Cartier Chronograph Last […]

The Great Mystery of the Cartier Crash

Cartier Crash IWS ItalianWatchSpotter Phillips

If the name Crash de Cartier is unfamiliar to you, you’ve either been living in a parallel universe, or you’re just not that into watches. Because, for quite some time now, the Crash has been riding on the crest of a wave that has touched quite literally everyone: its peculiar lines, the lore behind it, […]

On the wrist: the Cartier Pasha

Cartier Pasha C2324 Friulane

You might have seen it a couple of days ago on the Instagram page, or you might have read our article about it… either way, I think it deserves a bit more discussion, so without further ado, let me present to you my Cartier Pasha! “The Sultan’s Watch” If this term doesn’t ring a bell, […]

The new Cartier Pasha – Watches & Wonders 2020

Aside from the Tank Asymétrique (which you can read about here), the new Cartier Pasha is definitely one of the biggest releases we’ve seen so far at Watches & Wonders 2020. Like many other Cartiers, the Pasha reached icon status in the watch world, on par with the Nautilus and the Royal Oak. Coincidentally, we […]

Panthère De Cartier: The Cornerstone Of Womens’ watches

In Italy we find ourselves amidst some difficult times, characterised by self isolation and social distancing. But not to worry: during this qurantine, at ItalianWatchSpotter we have decided to keep you all entertained with our articles – or as we like to call it – “Quarantine Content”. Today, we’ll introduce you to one of the […]

The Cartier Pasha – The Watch Of The Sultan

Cartier day and night

The Cartier Pasha is undoubtedly one of the most iconic timepieces of all time. And we’re not even being hyperbolic. Its unmistakable and unparalleled design, as well as its popularity amongst the many famous figures who have worn it, make it a household name when it comes to the watch world. Royal beginnings The first […]

Santos De Cartier: From Aviation To Horology

When Louis Cartier designed the Santos, he probably had no idea he just created one of the most iconic and versatile watches of the XX century. This watch was first made in 1904 by the maison founder’s grandson for a Brazilian aviation pioneer, Alberto Santos-Dumont, who was also a well-known figure in French high society. […]