Patek Philippe discontinued models 2021

Written by:Fabrizio B.|

The confirmation just came in: 17 Patek Philippe models (5711 included) will be discontinued starting from 2021. Scroll down to see the complete list of the references that will permanently leave the catalogue of the Genèvese Maison.

Grand Complications

Sky Moon Tourbillon – Ref.6002G-010 (€1.75M)

Minute Repeater with Perpetual Calendar – Ref.5374P-001(€650.000 market price)


World Time – Ref.5131/1P-001 (€128.650)

Annual Calendar Moonphase – Ref.5146G, 5146J, 5146R (€41.840)

Flyback Chronograph with Annual Calendar – 5905P-010 – €77.400


Ref.5711/1A-010 (€29.810)


Haute Joaillerie – Ref.4899/901G-001 (€96.230)


Gondolo Serata Ref.4972G-001 & 4972/1G-001 (€35.250 & €56.480)

Pocket watches

Lépine style pocket watch – Ref.972/1J-010 & Ref.973J-010 (€39.220 & €37.660)

Savonette style pocket watch Ref.980G-001 & Ref.980R-001 (€49.680)

– Translated by Patrick R.


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