A quick Q&A with Matt Hranek, the author of "A Man and His Watch"

Written by:Andrea C.|

His publication has featured on our Instagram Page many times by now, and for good reason! “A Man and His Watch” is undoubtedly the watch book of the year in our opinion, but what do we know about the man behind “A Man and His Watch”?
We recently sat down with the author of this book, Matt Hranek (currently living in the US), to learn a little bit more about him.

Enjoy the interview! Oh, and if you do, you can purchase “A Man and His Watch” here (Italian version) and use our special code IWSSPECIAL for a discount!

Q: Okay, first things first: what would you say if i asked you to describe Matt Hranek to the average Italian watch enthusiast? (in case they don’t already know…)

A: Watch lover, traveler, eater, drinker and founder of the WM Brown Magazine.

Q: We’re all watch lovers here; how (and when) did your passion for watches start?

A: It started with my father and his love for well crafted things. Watches were a big part of that.

Q: What are your other main interests and passions?

A: Food, drink, travel, cars, tailored clothing, flyfishing and wing shooting.

Q: We’ve read your book and we are spreading the word all around. But what’s a good story without a good beginning?! Where did the idea come from?

A: I was an editor at Condé Nast and I was covering the luxury watch market, discovering all these great stories from owners and brand archives. I felt like a story-book of all these watches would be a good idea.

Q: Who was the first man to cross your mind when you began writing the book?

A: My father.

Q: What is the story in the book that surprised you the most? And what’s your favourite?

A: I love the Dimitri-Bill Murray-Timex story, the Ralph Lauren story, and the Sly (Sylvester Stallone) story as well as the archive visits like those of Cartier.

Q: Your book is called “A Man and His Watch”, but in your opinion, what other things define a man?

A: I think confidence, generosity, thoughtfulness, humour and what kind of car you drive.

Q: Amongst the things you just listed, which do you think define you best?

A: Humour and thoughtfulness (and the car I drive).

Q: Have you thought about a sequel? If so, name 3 people you would call for your next “A Man and His Watch” book.

A: There is no plan for a sequel (for AMAHW) but I know that there are more great stories out there.
My “sort-of” sequel, “A Man and His Car” is out this fall, though!

Q: We can tell you like a Negroni: tell us more about that cocktail and why it is so special for you.

A: I love Italy! This drink personifies Italy for me… the colour, the flavour and the garnish… it’s a drink that just makes me happy (not just because of the alcohol!).

Q: Negronis, (Fiat) Pandas… what’s your relationship with Italy?

A: My mother is Italian. I have been traveling to Italy since I was in high school; I had a girlfriend in Florence during my University Semester Abroad… I love your cities, the landscapes, the people, the history, the food, the wine, and yes, the cars… especially my Panda.

Q: Okay, let’s get back to watches… what is your favourite watch?

A: The watch my father left me: his Rolex Datejust.

Q: Do you think there is one true icon when it comes to watches? If so, which one is it?

A: There are so many: I don’t think one icon defines it all, but for me it’s a combination of Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Ralph Lauren, James Bond, Alexander Kraft and Wei Koh.

Q: Tell us about your favorite outfit and watch combo and how you pair them?

A: I love Tweed: English Tweeds like Harris-Tweed and Fox Brothers to be specific.
My buddy Jake Mueser makes great Tweed suits and jackets for me and they always look great with my watches, from Cartier all the way to Rolex sports models

IWS: Thank you, Matt, for being with us. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Italy and read your next books!

MH: Grazie!!


Andrea C.
Cheif Editor
Engineering student and watch enthusiast. He has lived for quite some times now the world of events and exhibitions. He has prior experiences as an editor and he is now responsible for the online magazine at IWS.

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